Sandbox Sports Inc. is passionate about providing a world class facility and experience to players of all levels which accommodates predominately beach volleyball and other beach and field sports.

The goal of Sandbox Sports Inc. (SSI) is to build exceptional quality beach sports facilities. In the near future we are planning to have multiple facilities in Southern Ontario with the possibility to expand to other parts of Canada and the United States. Funding for these ventures will come from the owners or through franchising. These facilities will primarily be designed for beach volleyball, with the option to be used for Beach Soccer, Tennis, and Ultimate Frisbee.

SSI's primary location is in Hamilton Ontario at Confederation Park. This facility will be the template for all other facilities during expansion. It currently has 12 beach volleyball courts with the option to expand to 24. As well, there is opportunity for installation of lightning should additional evening timeslots be needed. The facility was built with Premium Hutcheson sand which allows SSI to host pro events or exhibition matches as it meets the FIVB requirements.

Hamilton Sandbox was built with many programs in mind; SSI anticipates the location to be used as a training facility for local Pro beach volleyball players and young up and coming players who are looking to excel in the sport. In recognition of the importance of early exposure, a great deal of time will be dedicated to the youth Beach sporting programs.

Summer programs and camps will be organized to allow children to learn and play beach volleyball in the morning at the Hamilton facility, followed by an afternoon at Wild Water Works Water Park. In addition to this program, SSI will also be hosting adult volleyball leagues from Monday to Friday, open play to the public on weekends and will rent out the facility to corporations for company functions, as well as private rental for sports associations to host private events.

The Hamilton facility will be holding tournaments hosted by SSI monthly. The skill level of tournaments will accommodate players from elite to recreational, with a variety of 2's, 4's and 6's divisions which will create maximum exposure for the public.

SSI is also looking forward to working with local charities, hosting fundraising events and engaging in community projects and events that benefit the Hamilton and surrounding area.

It is the goal of SSI to provide the population of Hamilton region the enjoyment of having a tropical like beach to play in and call their own.

"No shirt, no shoes, no worries"